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IRS Tax Expiration

The IRS has 10 years to collect a delinquent tax liability. The statutory period initiates the date the tax is assessed and the statutory required notice letter is sent. If this collection statute date expires, there is a chance that you are free and clear of your IRS tax obligations.

Statute of Limitations on IRS debt can, however, be extended or amended in several instances; including a pending Offer in Compromise, Tax Court proceedings, a taxpayer’s waiver, or numerous other instances.

If you believe that your tax liability is approaching, or over, the 10 year Statute of Limitations period, call one of our tax specialists to discuss your options and if you have possibility of allowing your tax liability to expire.

The tax experts at Freedom Tax Relief would be happy to discuss your options, including the possibility of the expiration of your tax debt: 1-800-455-6829.

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