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IRS Tax Levy and Garnishment Release

A wage garnishment can result from affecting a levy resulting from delinquent tax liability. Garnishment rules vary, but essentially the IRS takes a portion of your paycheck each pay period, and contributes the amount garnished toward paying off your tax debt. The Garnishment will remain in place until the tax is paid in full or until a Garnishment release has been processed.

Having your wages garnished is frequently a stressful and financially debilitating experience for consumers calling for tax relief. Our Tax Attorneys and Tax Specialists will work hard to immediately contact the IRS to attempt to release your wages from garnishment, and then structure a solution to resolve the underlying tax liability – whether that is an Offer in Compromise, Statute Expiration, or an Installment Agreement.

If your wages are being garnished by the IRS, contact us immediately to see if you qualify for relief: 1-800-455-6829.