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IRS Tax Penalties

Abatement, or adjustment, of a tax liability means to reduce or change a tax, penalty, or interest. Most frequently, abatement refers to eliminating an assessed tax liability and adjustment references reducing or altering an assessed tax liability. If there is a reasonable cause for abatement or adjustment, the IRS may be willing to review the penalties which created a tax liability.

The IRS takes the position that a penalty should not be asserted if the taxpayer’s liability is as a result of reasonable cause, and not "willful neglect." Some frequent definitions of reasonable cause include: death or illness in the taxpayer’s immediate family, unavoidable absence, destruction by natural causes of the taxpayer’s residence, the taxpayer cannot reasonably obtain the records for liability determination, the non-filing was due to IRS error, failure by the US Post Office, failure by a competent tax advisor, civil disturbance, and others. Most frequently, the burden of proof resides with the taxpayer to prove reasonable cause.

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