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IRS Tax Debt Relief Testimonials

Like catching a Hail Mary pass in the end zone!

"I want to say "Thank You!" to everyone at Freedom Tax Relief! I was absolutely surprised by what they did, settling my back tax debt of $17,250 for only $97. I never expected my debt to the IRS to be settled for so little.

I was getting very threatening letters from the IRS, threatening to impose liens and such, so I knew I was in trouble and had to do something. Thankfully, I found FTR on the internet. It was like catching a Hail Mary pass in the end zone!

I was very happy how FTR had knowledgeable agents who always had the information I needed. Whenever I called, I was able to talk directly to someone who had the answers I was looking for.

My advice: pay your taxes. But if you do get into trouble, call Freedom Tax Relief!"

- Shawn, Pittsburgh, PA

You can trust Freedom Tax Relief.

"I knew I needed professional tax help, because I own my own business and had a great number of files to deal with. (It was the overwhelming number things to file that led to me misfiling and owing back taxes in the first place.) Before enrolling in Freedom Tax Relief’s program, I had hired a local tax attorney to handle my problem with IRS - He got absolutely nothing done. So I finally fired him and went online, hoping for the best.

I went in not really expecting much, given what had happened with my previous tax attorney. I just knew I had to do something. But Freedom Tax Relief was just amazing. I was hoping for any amount of relief but lowering it from $50k to just $120! What a great job!

Freedom Tax Relief’s service was exceptional! And the price of the program was great! Everything about it was great!

I know there are a lot untrustworthy people and companies out there (as I found out), but I’ll tell anyone:  You can trust Freedom Tax Relief." I definitely recommend them."

- Dusty, Fort Worth, TX

Now I can sleep at night

"It became too much, the letters from the IRS, the threats to levy my accounts, it got so bad that I couldn’t sleep. I developed a clenched jaw disorder where I was grinding my teeth at night. I couldn’t handle it anymore. It was just too much.

I had no idea how to get out of it. The IRS said I owed them $45,000 - but I couldn’t afford to pay them that. Not by a long shot!

While watching TV one day I saw a company that claimed to settle back tax issues. I was unaware that such companies even existed, so I instantly jumped to my computer and Goggled it. I researched & read up on such companies. I made calls to many of them. After shopping around, Freedom Tax Relief easily stood out as the most knowledgeable, the most professional. They didn’t ask for a big, upfront payment, and they had a grade-A Tax Consultants. Very professional.

The entire way, Freedom Tax Relief’s agents always kept abreast with the on-goings and developments on my account. Updating me with regular calls and emails. I know they have thousands of clients, but they always had time for me and my questions.

The settlement - only $329 on $45,000! - far exceeded by expectations. Before enrolling with Freedom Tax Relief I was really stressed out. Those were some dark times. That’s all changed now. Now I can sleep at night and I no longer grind my teeth uncontrollably - seriously!

I’ve already referred my brother-in-law to Freedom Tax Relief, and I’d urge anyone with tax problems to call them!"

- Joseph, San Mateo, CA

We were lucky to find Freedom Tax Relief

"We were lucky to find Freedom Tax Relief, which my husband and I discovered while researching our options on the internet.

From the very first call, they were extremely helpful, explaining the process and how it worked. As the program moved along, their agents were always great and so helpful, contacting us with information and regular updates regarding our account. We just loved their customer service: they were always quick to answer any questions we had. Even when something required extra work or research on their part, they were always so nice about doing whatever it took to find the answer and information we needed. We just loved that.

We were extremely pleased at the settlement FTR was able to negotiated for us [$129 on $47,888 owed]! I would definitely recommend it to someone facing a situation like ours. We needed help bad, as the IRS had placed a lien on our home. Thanks to FTR were no longer in debt to the IRS. Now we can just enjoy our lives, and focus our time and energy on our grandkids. (Please tell Michele - we loved her, she was the best - that our newest grandchild has arrived!)"

- Vicky, Dallas, TX

Freedom Tax Relief was great!

"Freedom Tax Relief was great! As an independent contractor, I have complicated tax filings and, well, guess who made a mistake with these filings? Yep, yours truly.

I saw a commercial one day - for one of Freedom Tax Relief’s competitors, actually - so I called them and several other places, one of which was Freedom. I was quite taken with them from the beginning. I felt a sense of relief just knowing they were there and that they could make a reduced settlement possible.

Their people were very helpful. Every time we needed something they were there for my wife & me. Like with my work situation - which is always tricky - they helped me get the right information the right forms together. And they were always nice and patient. They helped a whole lot.

And the 74% settlement, that was just stellar! They saved me thousands of dollars and got all our liens removed. I’d recommend them to anybody. Such a great company!"

- Thomas, Chattanooga, TN

My future definitely looks much improved. I’m really enjoying life right now.

"I was very, very, very happy with my experience with FTR. Everything worked great! It saved me over $100,000!

I knew I needed help when a lien was placed the on my house because of my back taxes, preventing me from selling it, which I wanted to do. So I went on the internet looking for help and found FTR. Their consultants were very knowledgeable and very professional. As the program moved along, every single person at the company was great. They always knew what was going on and I never had to explain anything to them - even when a call was transferred, who ever picked up the phone always had the information I needed right away. It was great.

Thanks to the program I was able to sell my house, moved into a new one, and get a new car. The program helped me out of in a big way; now my future definitely looks much improved. I’m really enjoying life right now.

I have already recommended the program to several of my friends and family, and if any potential clients ever ask if the program works, tell them "just ask Ernie." - I’ll be more than happy to be a reference for the program."

- Ernest, Houston, TX

A plan that I could afford, and one that worked

"My IRS troubles came about unexpectedly. One day I was notified that the IRS was going to be garnishing my wages. Caught by surprised, I went online and started researching ways to get help. I started contacting programs that promised to resolve IRS issues, but they the ones I first looked into didn’t fit my needs, or wanted thousands of dollars up front before things would even get started, or they just didn’t seem right.

But I was impressed with the people at FTR right from the start. Everyone was very professional. Their consultants were all very knowledgeable; they helped me quite a bit, educating me on how the IRS worked, how the program worked, and how my situation could be resolved. They set me up with a plan that I could afford, and one that worked.

And gosh, how it worked. I settled for 3 pennies on the dollar! That’s more than I expected, and I can say, I’m very pleased - very satisfied - with my FTR experience!

Before signing up with FTR I really didn’t know what was going on and I really didn’t know what I was going to do. I had no idea how the IRS worked or how I was supposed to get out of this. So one of things that really help me out and what I really liked about Freedom was that everybody - and I mean everybody - was very professional and very knowledgeable. From the billing people, to the Tax Consultants, all the way up to the top executives like Mr. Brown - they were always very active and involved - always ready and able to get my issues resolved."

- Hobert, Manchester, NH

I look at my discovery of Freedom Tax Relief and say, ’I have been blessed’

"My troubles began after I was told that I had a life-threatening health situation. It was very serious, and having had already suffered one heart attack and felt like this was it. The doctors told me that I probably didn’t have much time left, so I pulled out my entire 401k. I decided to have a "Last Holiday" - just like Queen Latifah in that movie ["Last Holiday," 2005]. Well, wouldn’t you know it - here I am all these years later, still going.

So then, even though I don’t make an incredible amount of money, the IRS said I owed them 105k. (I know when Freedom took over they asked for $84k, but when I talked them they were asking for $105k!)

I told them "you can’t get blood from a turnip." But you know, the IRS, they don’t play around.

Initially, I didn’t mind having to deal with the IRS. I have done it before. I’ve worked hard all my life, and had disputes with them in the past, so they didn’t scare me. But I tried the things I had done in past disputes, but this time they were rejected. They wouldn’t even accept my paperwork. I read several books and did a lot of search on how to file and properly resolve my situation, but I got nowhere. Things were getting so stressful and complicated. Even more so when I decided to file for divorce. (I’d had been separated for a while, but following the divorce my tax status change in ways I wasn’t aware of.)

I didn’t know what to do. To have the IRS asking for 105k was stressful, to be sure. One day, while researching tax issues, I came across Freedom Tax Relief as well as a bunch of other companies. I called all of them. Many asked for an amount of money up front that was too much. Others didn’t seem truly capable of handling the situation.

But right from start, Freedom Tax Relief was better. I felt comfortable. They set up their program fees over many months, in a way I could use, given my pocketbook. The program went so well. When they contacted my about the final settlement all I could say was, "My, My!" I was so pleased. Pleased with the 97% reduction in my bill - saving me over $80k! - and pleased to have my problems with the IRS finally come to an end!

Looking back, I look at my discovery of Freedom Tax Relief and say, "I have been blessed." Their people are very pleasant - wonderful, from the start to finish. Very helpful. If it wasn’t for Freedom Tax Relief, I wouldn’t have known what to do. I appreciated them so much. I’m so very pleased. Not only did they solve my problem, I learned so much from them. In fact, after going through their program, I think I could negotiate almost anything with the IRS myself next time.

I’d recommend them to anybody. If you need help with back taxes, you should definitely call Freedom Tax Relief."

- Carlene, Jackson, MS

Freedom Tax Relief is awesome!

"Freedom Tax Relief is awesome! They resolved my situation with the IRS - which by itself has greatly reduced the stress in my life - and they did for 99% less than what the IRS was originally asking for.

They were just wonderful to work with and did such a great job with everything. Just being in the program lowered my stress. I always knew that they were on top of things: answering my questions, staying in touch as things moved along - and their agents were always very pleasant and personable and helpful.

I’m just so pleased with the program. I’m very happy I found them (well, actually, it was my step-father who found them for me). They’re great!"

- Melissa, Houston, TX